Monthly Archive: January 2010

Jan 24 2010

Podcast Available

The podcast for the Skeptically Speaking on which I was a guest, on the topic of Skepticism and Race, is available here. Desiree, Girl 6 and LaVerne were great, and I’ve gotten a bit of feedback that I didn’t suck either. Check it out. Also, during the show, a plug was made for a new …

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Jan 21 2010

Skepticism and Race

I will be on the radio this Friday evening to talk about skepticism and race, along with Girl 6 and LaVerne Knight-West. On the next episode of Skeptically Speaking, a panel discussion on skepticism and race. Is the face of modern skepticism really as monochrome as it appears? How do we make our message appeal …

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Jan 13 2010

Sure Racism Is So Over

Yup, it’s entirely not a factor in politics or social outcomes. [/choking sarcasm] And let us not forget that those are the numbers who were willing to tell a pollster their socially unacceptable thoughts on the matter.

Jan 11 2010

At the Corner of Race and Class

Every once in a while, a number of discussions in my personal blogosphere converge. In this case, it’s the discussion of race and IQ that I restarted and continued, and which has attempted to take over Greg Laden’s Blog for the last couple of weeks, the discussion of the racist connotations of “redneck” by bikemonkey …

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Jan 10 2010

Irish Blasphemy Law, Take Two

It’s really hard to miss that the Irish have a new blasphemy law that took effect at the start of the year. However, it’s relatively easy to miss that there was a reason, even a moderately good reason, aside from religious prejudice that the law was made. Thers, at Whiskey Fire, isn’t going to let …

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Jan 09 2010

Decimals Are a Girl’s Best Friend

It’s a lovely headline, that. It’s also some fun new research. A new study that looked at math scores for boys and girls in 69 countries corroborates her experience. “There are no differences in girls’ abilities in math,” says Nicole Else-Quest, who led the study that analyzed the tests of nearly a half million students …

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Jan 06 2010

Under Their Tenure

I’m feeling like crap for a number of reasons, including complications of the surgery and a plain old cold, so I haven’t been posting regularly, but this did catch my attention today. If you’ve followed the long slog through the IQ arguments on Quiche Moraine, Greg Laden’s Blog and here, you’ve caught Bryan Pesta saying …

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