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Oct 26 2009

Yellow Rage

Totally stolen from Will Shetterly. They earned that ovation.

Oct 20 2009

Space Week and Beyond

We have another great series of guest posts going over at Quiche Moraine. These have technically been written in honor of Space Week, but Norman Barrett-Wiik is turning October into Space Month for us. Gettin’ It On in Space Late in July, my wife and I welcomed our first child, Liam Oran, into the world. …

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Oct 19 2009

Pie and Ginger

Since I improvised this with only a partial recipe and it won a contest (tied for first, anyway), I suppose I should capture it for posterity. Spicy Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie1 9-inch pie crust (I recommend my husband’s, but do what you can)16 oz. cream cheese3/4 cup dark brown sugar2 large eggs1# pie pumpkin3 t Ceylon …

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Oct 15 2009

More on HPV

A couple of excellent science bloggers have taken the time to fill in some of the details around HPV and the vaccines that I left out in my self-preoccupation. PalMD did a great job of putting my situation into the context of regular screenings. When a woman lays back on the exam table at her …

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Oct 13 2009

Good News but Complicated

Continuing in the tradition of providing too much information that I set with my last post at Quiche Moraine, since the people who commented found it either informative or inspiring, here’s the update on my situation. According to the biopsies taken last Wednesday, I don’t have invasive cervical cancer. That’s the good news. The bad …

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Oct 09 2009

And Then You Wait

One day your doctor calls. You think to yourself, “Huh. Last clinic, it would have been a nurse. Whatever.” And the news is good: Blood work, even the special stuff they did because you’ve not been feeling well and you have a family history, is perfectly, beautifully normal. Oh, except the Pap smear came back …

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Oct 07 2009

Skeptic on Skeptic

In the context of the Atheist Alliance International presenting contrarian Bill Maher with the Dawkins award, Steve Novella has written a very interesting post at Skepticblog on balancing concern for the skeptical movement as a movement and the need for skeptics to not place any person or idea beyond criticism. As you can imagine, this …

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Oct 06 2009

Supply-Side Jesus

There is now a project, from the “minds” behind Conservapedia to wipe the liberal bias from the second-most cited document on the internet–the Bible. No, really. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate the announcement, while simultaneously demonstrating the work required, than to post this lovely animation of Senator Al Franken’s (hee, I …

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Oct 04 2009

Warning, Revisited

When I am retired I shall dye my hair purpleWith a red eyeliner that scares the grown-ups, and delights the children,And I shall spend my savings on absinthe and Turkish bellsAnd shiny nose rings, and say we’ve no money for morning coffee.I shall dance beyond the reach of thought until I collapse,And flirt with the …

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Oct 04 2009

They Won’t Thank You

Does this mean that we’re doomed when we try to fight fear? I’m not sure it does. I think it’s more likely that we’re currently fighting fear the wrong way. Take the classic childhood fear of monsters in the unseen places–under the bed, in the closet, in the dark. How are most of these fears …

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