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Aug 11 2009

To My Conservative Friends and Colleagues

Who needs to die before you speak? We’ve already had one death arguably attributable to this insanity of refusing to recognize the authority of a duly elected president and Congress. How many more will it take? Sure, the guy was a raving loon, but there are a lot of people out there right now who …

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Aug 10 2009

“Thank God for PZ Myers”

One more follow-up on civil atheism, with a somewhat unexpected conclusion. To put it differently, thank God for PZ Myers. That man chaps my behind. He and I have no reasonable hope of ever coming to a perfect agreement on the social good, though we might achieve overlapping consensus. But he usually takes the issues …

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Aug 10 2009

Loving Local Media

Big newspapers may be dying, but I’m loving what I’m getting in their place. We’ve got three donor-supported online news sources in the Cities that I read regularly. All of them also rely on the community for tips or for covering events. Not one of them is the combined police blotter and traffic fatality feed …

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Aug 09 2009

More Reading on Civil Atheism

It all started with a little lament that we atheists allow people to convince us that pointing out unequal (and even illegal) treatment is being strident. It went from there to an elaboration of the social pressures used (even by our friends) that make us think that. And then it exploded into a classic example …

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Aug 08 2009

Votes Needed

I love it when the talented people I know get together and make something cool happen. In this case, my husband, Ben, and our friend Analiese set up a vintage-look photo shoot at a St. Paul landmark. In Ben’s case, it was an opportunity to get a beautiful shot he’s been wanting to do for …

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Aug 07 2009

Physics Graduate School

I encounter the second year grad students. The ones who earned their class the name “The Class From Hell”. They had a poster up in the TA office the previous year with a running total of how many female students came to see each TA. These amazing specimens move from dirty looks or come-on looks …

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Aug 06 2009

Atheism and Alienation

How polite do atheists need to be? There’s always a current of this particular conversation going on in the atheist blogosphere, but Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum’s attack on PZ Myers’ actions in Crackergate seems to have thrown it into high relief. A bunch of people are popping up in various places to suggest that …

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Aug 05 2009

A Few Good Posts

Huh. Turns out that yesterday’s Eddie Izzard post was the 500th post on this blog. I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t paying attention. Oh, well, a base-10 system is pretty arbitrary anyway. So, instead of talking about my blog posts, I’m going to ask people to talk about others. With the relaunch …

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Aug 04 2009

I Love Eddie Izzard

And not just for his great taste in eyeliner. Or for this: More for this: I had always wanted to do a big physical running challenge, and this seemed a great way to do it and also raise money to help Africa and the poorest countries in the world as well as projects that Sport …

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Aug 03 2009

When to Speak

If you follow any atheists on Twitter, you may have already heard about the situation Jeff Wagg of the James Randi Educational Foundation recently ran into. ME: I’m wondering how the millions of people like me who don’t attend church can take advantage of this offer. MANAGER: I’m sorry, you can’t. It’s for people who …

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