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Jul 31 2009

Wedding Song #2

Apropos of my traveling for a wedding, here’s one more from Smash Mouth. I recommended this one to Crystal and Vic for their wedding party playlist. Whole Lotta Love I’d like to think that you would never make me do this

Jul 30 2009

Wedding Song #1

I’m traveling for a wedding this weekend, so I’m posting some fluff in my absence. Since it’s a wedding, it’s happy fluff. This one and the next are from Smash Mouth, largely because it amuses that this is the same band that did “Pet Names.” Oh, and this one has Ranking Roger, which can only …

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Jul 29 2009

A Skeptic’s View

Scientists can talk forever. They can do it eloquently. They can express their passion and the wonder they find in discovery. They can be funny and clever and humble. But a listener who isn’t prepared to engage with the material will, at best, walk away with a slightly better view of scientists and about two …

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Jul 29 2009

More Writer Don’ts

Living online makes it very easy to interact with readers. Social networking tools, from Amazon reviews to friend-based webs like Facebook, put a writer in touch with fans–and not so much fans. Once again, it’s very important to differentiate between what the internet makes easy and what is smart behavior from a writer. Seriously. I …

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Jul 28 2009

Mike on Quiche

Oh, it’s a busy week. Meeting, meeting, travel, travel, travel. It’s all good, excellent in fact, but there’s not much time to carve out for blogging. While I’m all tied up, have you been keeping up with what Mike’s been posting at Quiche Moraine? Atheism Evangelized I see a hazard and a way that this …

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Jul 26 2009

The Comic-Con Kiss

For the slash fans out there who have been waiting for their Tenth Doctor/Captain Jack moment and been afraid it was never going to happen, I give you footage from Comic-Con. 0:45 Davies enters, introductions 2:45 Tennant starts talking in his lovely burr 4:50 Tennant turns the mic over to Barrowman, kiss follows shortly

Jul 25 2009

Maid of Ice

ScienceWoman’s request for help with Disney princess stories belated reminded me that I have a princess story of my own. I don’t generally write those, since hereditary rulership doesn’t much do it for me. In fact, there’s an award-winning Young Adult author whose work I’m no longer interested in reading after she retold an old …

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Jul 24 2009

Is Hate a Crime?

It’s time for another one of those posts in which I take an argument that’s been getting repetitive (very repetitive) and put the whole thing in one place in the hopes of moving forward instead of arguing in parallel. In this case, we’ve been talking about hate-crime legislation, specifically the bills that have passed in …

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Jul 23 2009

This and That

A few things on the web worth taking note of: Justine Larbalestier is talking, in some detail, about the experience of having one of her books white-washed. Liar is a book about a compulsive (possibly pathological) liar who is determined to stop lying but finds it much harder than she supposed. I worked very hard …

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Jul 22 2009

Is 1984 a Gendered Book?

So the 15 book meme is running rampant (bloggers blog about books? who knew?), and I’m noticing something interesting. The majority of the male bloggers who have posted their lists are including Orwell’s 1984. None of the female bloggers have that I’ve seen. Personally, I hated it. I understood the points about privacy and conformity. …

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