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Jun 21 2009

Political Camouflage

When DrugMonkey Tweeted a link to this study earlier this week, I had to follow it. I do love me some science-based policy and effective interventions. A study suggests that school-based prevention programs begun in elementary school can significantly reduce problem behaviors in students. Fifth graders who previously participated in a comprehensive interactive school prevention …

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Jun 20 2009

Atheists Talk–James Morrow

Towing Jehovah, James MorrowAtheists Talk #0075, Sunday, June 21, 2009 First, let’s suppose that Jehovah God is real. Good News for the religious, right? Then, let’s twist it a bit and see what happens should Jehovah die. This would cause a major problem for at least the Abrahamic religions. After all, how could we hope …

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Jun 19 2009

In the Trees

For someone with acrophobia, I spent an awful lot of time as a child a story or more off the ground in trees. We had a treehouse for a few years that was worth the climb up the rope ladder. I spent uncounted hours reading in weeping willows, having juggled a book and usually an …

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Jun 18 2009

Not So Silent

It’s mid-June and people are still writing some very impressive posts related to Silence Is the Enemy. They’re worth the read. Jason has a good rundown of the situation with our shared troll. Fascinating that someone would claim to be doing this to help raise awareness of rape but never consider that consent might be …

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Jun 17 2009

Dangerous Creatures

I was sitting down with a very good friend of mine the other day for a much-needed catch-up session. He said, “My mother’s behaving better. I’m starting to think I might not have to kill her and bury her in the back yard.” He looked down, then back up. “The sad thing is that I …

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Jun 16 2009

How Deep the Bullet Lies, Part III

This story I’ve already told, at least the first part of it. It was a perfectly normal guy who didn’t want to let go of me when I was in my late teens. We’d been hanging out, kissed a little bit, but I was done. He wasn’t. It took making it very clear that one …

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Jun 15 2009

Iran by the Numbers

Want to know what happened in Iran but need to take a break from the violence? FiveThirtyEight is applying their usual beautiful math and savvy to the situation. Statistical Report Purporting to Show Rigged Iranian Election Is Flawed Like most Americans, there are few things I would like to see more than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s …

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Jun 14 2009

Speaking of Torture

On the way home from the Atheists Talk show today, Mike had Speaking of Faith playing in the car. This is actually pretty common among the “active” atheists I know, this listening to religious radio. I, perhaps because I’m not one of the deconverted, don’t really get it. However, today I was lousy company for …

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Jun 13 2009

How Deep the Bullet Lies, Part II

I was fifteen and sitting in the back of a pickup truck in a parking lot at UW-Stout on Christmas Eve eve. We’d gotten a bit off track. On track would have been meeting the guy to whom I was going to “lose” my virginity. Virginity didn’t actually mean anything to me, but mine was …

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Jun 12 2009

Where Not to Get Advice

We already know we shouldn’t rely on Oprah or her guests for general medical advice or for medical advice for women, her main audience. Turns out, somewhat unsurprisingly, that one shouldn’t listen to her on matters of sexual health either. From Carnal Nation: Take sexual orientation, for example—a subject that’s been in the news once …

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