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Jun 29 2009

CONvergence Schedule

This weekend is CONvergence. Here’s where to find me, subject to change, of course. This is an SF convention. Meet My Invisible FriendsFriday, 12:30 p.m.Are you replacing your real friends with virtual ones? What are the RAMifications of social networking websites?Annie Lynsen, Naomi Kritzer, Stephanie Zvan Big Brother: Advent of 1984Sunday, 12:30 p.m.Is privacy as …

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Jun 28 2009

Happy Birthday

I first met my friend James a bit over 10 years ago (well, we’d been in the same place a couple of times before that, but we hadn’t really met). It took me several years after that to get to know him, though, and not because we didn’t spend a lot of time together. Mutual …

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Jun 27 2009

Atheists Talk–Greg Laden

Greg Laden on African MissionariesAtheists Talk #0076, Sunday, June 28, 2009 Missionaries tell us that they are saving the world, traveling to foreign lands to help the natives. Of course, “saving the world” means something a little different to those of us who don’t believe there’s a Satan who needs to be battled at every …

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Jun 27 2009

The Full Proposal Trail

Due to WordPress issues this morning, a couple of links got crushed out of the conspiracy that was Jodi’s proposal to Jason. Here’s the full list: Almost DiamondsSkepchickRelatively UnrelatedFreeDOS blog at Source ForgeGreg Laden’s BlogWhitecoat UndergroundTraumatized By TruthMy Fair ScientistNeurotopiaA Blog Around the ClockPharyngula Some additional words to, from and about the newly engaged: Jodi …

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Jun 27 2009

Hey, Jason

Your help is needed over here.

Jun 26 2009

The “Rule” of Threes

This is not the post I intended to post today, but something happened that I could never anticipate would affect my blogging. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died. Even when it happened, I didn’t expect to blog about it. My reaction to both pieces of news was, “That’s a pity.” Then I moved on. Eventually …

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Jun 25 2009

Not a Buffy Fan, But….

This is a must-see for anyone who’s a little creeped out by the idea of a decades-old vampire hanging around a high school trolling for girls. More specifically, for anyone appalled at how Twilight is being sold to us as romance. via Survival of the Feminist

Jun 24 2009

Final Exam

What do you get for the guy who doesn’t like having a big deal made of his birthday? Well, when he’s an incorrigible teacher who enjoys stories, maybe you give him a story about teaching and learning. Well, I do anyway. No idea what you’re giving him. Final Exam As Serena approached the little wooden …

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Jun 23 2009

Today’s Reading

Via Bora, comes today’s must-read, a combination of horrific science reporting and blaming rape victims. Here’s the actual science: In the study, psychologists at Leicester Uni asked men to consider themselves in various scenarios with a female acquaintance and find out if or when they were more likely to coerce a woman into sex. The …

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Jun 22 2009

Man of the Cloth

I’ve had a major crush on Rowan Atkinson for over 20 years. It took Critter sharing the following video, however, to make me realize something. None of them are alike: competent and incompetent, confident and timid, sincerely religious and…not. Indeed, the one thing they have in common is that they’re funny, which makes me less …

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