Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 31 2009

Cover Meme

Ambivalent Academic tagged me with the cover meme running around: best and worst cover ever. I was torn, oh, so torn. I mean, everybody knows that the best cover ever is a twofer: “Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go.” Okay, a lot of people don’t actually know that those were both covers. (Trivia: because Soft …

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May 30 2009

Atheists Talk–The Books of Bart Ehrman

Bart Ehrman: God’s ProblemAtheists Talk #0072, Sunday, May 31, 2009 Bart Ehrman is a scholar of the bible and has published popular works at a rapid clip on the subjects of theodicy and the literary history of the books some refer to as “scripture.” He was an evangelical who believed that the Episcopalian church in …

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May 29 2009

Diversity and Conflict

We don’t like conflict. We try to avoid it instead of learning how to engage in it appropriately and productively, and the end result of our incompetence is horrendous enough to fully reinforce our avoidance. This is a problem. It’s particularly a problem for those of us who value cultural diversity and recognition of human …

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May 28 2009

Goliath’s Rules

One of the fun parts of WisCon is always getting to meet people I should have met long ago. This year, I finally got to spend a little time talking to Lynne and Michael Thomas. Amusingly, I found a link to the following article on Lynne’s blog while checking out how productive she’d been at …

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May 27 2009

Happy Birthday, Betül

A little music for my favorite blogger who isn’t currently blogging. El Pescador More Reptile Palace Orchestra here.

May 26 2009


I did something odd this weekend. I saw a friend’s book for sale, and I didn’t buy it. Not because I didn’t want it. Not because I didn’t want to port it home 250+ miles. Certainly not because I couldn’t afford it. I was being nice. It wasn’t officially out yet, and there were only …

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May 25 2009

Blogging The Wealth of Nations

Steve Brust, science fiction and fantasy author and Trotskyist, is reading Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and blogging about it. A non-capitalist reading one of the fundamental books of capitalism. It’s very cool and just the thing if all this long-weekend dissipation is getting to be too much for you. Start here.

May 24 2009

The Cover That Wasn’t

When I put up my repost last week on covers, I realized that I’d posted a lot of covers I mentioned as being well done. I hadn’t done this one. Technically, it’s only sort of a cover, since almost all the lyrics are changed. Still, the song is fun, and the video is more so. …

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May 22 2009

Fallen Warriors

It’s tempting to pretend that “culture war” is just a colorful turn of phrase. It isn’t. People have died every time our country has been persuaded to recognize the right of another group to be considered full human beings. I’m doing something a little different for Memorial Day over at Quiche Moraine. That is to …

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May 21 2009

Non-Gender-Based Thoughts on Rules

Because, you know, I’m not writing enough about them myself. Actually, though, these are great to see, since they’re getting that my topic wasn’t just the discussion of gender roles. Phil got something out of the post that I never intended to suggest. It’s no less intriguing for that (and maybe more so). Having read …

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