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Mar 11 2009

Changing Minds

Sheril at The Intersection is asking where the women with big, world-changing ideas are. JLK at Pieces of Me wants to know where the psychologists are who made a difference in the world. I can answer them both in one person, Elizabeth Loftus. Even if you’re not in psychology, there’s a fair chance you’ve heard …

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Mar 10 2009

Some Conversations Are Gifts

…and must be preserved. I mean, you don’t see sensical nonsense like this every day, not even among my friends. Not quite every day.

Mar 09 2009

Fry and Laurie

Home sick today and entertaining myself with Fry and Laurie on YouTube. Before I crawl back in bed for a nap, I thought I’d share a few skits. You know that House isn’t the first time Laurie’s played a doctor, right?

Mar 08 2009

A Eulogy in Food

In the beginning, she cooked for me. In the end, I cooked for her. The food my grandmother cooked for me was the staples of the fifties, food from cans and boxes, but she made it work in a way I never did. Her au gratin potatoes were creamy and cheesy. Her casseroles didn’t taste …

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Mar 07 2009

Atheists Talk–The Humanism of Star Trek

The Humanism of the Star Trek Universe: Scott Lohman and Robert PriceAtheists Talk #0060, Sunday March 8, 2009 Gene Roddenberry convinced the executives at Desilu Studios that a show about exploring space would appeal to a mass audience. They funded a weekly series for three beautiful years, and it turns out he was partially right. …

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Mar 06 2009

Scribbling in the Margins

Ever have one of those days where you need to carefully swallow around your tonsils? Yeah, it’s one of those. Oh, and my grandmother is in the ICU. Whee! Luckily, I have prepared…something for you over at Quiche Moraine. I used to know what it was supposed to be, but I got sick, which shuts …

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Mar 05 2009

The Short Form

This week has been hella busy, which starts to make micro-blogging look appealing. So I thought I’d spend just over a day tracking what kind of stuff I’d produce (admittedly noninteractively) if I were on Twitter. Heh. I <3 Kai Ryssdal: "Bernanke gave us another whopper today." *That's* financial reporting. 1st MN female wrestler at …

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Mar 04 2009

Too Good to Keep to Myself

I’ve given him almost a week, but DuWayne still hasn’t posted this link to some of his music on his own blog, just in the comments on mine. So rather than assume he’ll think to post it in the middle of travels and school, I’ll just tell you myself: Go check it out. The first …

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Mar 03 2009

Why Sci Is Awesome, #276

“I want to send you something. What is your address?” So I told her, her being Scicurious. She said it would come from The Devil’s Panties, which I should go read, along with Girl Genius. Girl Genius I already read, and Devil’s Panties is fun (though I’m nowhere near current yet). Now I was curious. …

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Mar 02 2009

Too Easy

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook, a thirteen-year-old kid addressing this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He’s even written a book. I was prepared to be impressed. And I was. I was utterly blown away by the word salad. Come on, people. Yeah, he’s a cute kid. Yeah, he has poise. …

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