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Good Times

Considering how much corporate money went into keeping the Republicans in power for as long as they were, there’s something satisfying about hearing a successful, large-company CEO saying (essentially), “I’m about as independent as they come, but I have to say it’s strange to hear the Republicans talking about how the stimulus bill is going to mortgage our future. I mean, considering what they did, I think they pretty well had that covered.”

Not as satisfying as watching an election in which the corporate money wasn’t a big deal, but satisfying.

Extra satisfying when sitting across from the table from someone who had a coworker in my office nearly in tears with the nasty things he said about why McCain lost. That part was very nice.

That is all.

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  1. Dan J says

    In tears? Now that would be priceless. I may have to bring that interview up at work on Monday, just for a particular Republican whom we have brought to tears on occasion.