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Dec 20 2008

Atheists Talk–Lori Lipman Brown

The Establishment Clause is the first item in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The freedom from state-sponsored religion is the first right granted in the Bill of Rights. But pride of place doesn’t mean that this right is simple to maintain. No right is. Any group that doesn’t speak up for its rights …

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Dec 20 2008

Holiday Xenophilia

The thing I don’t get about the War on Christmas hoopty doo– Let me start by saying that there are plenty of things I do get about it. I get the place it plays in distracting people from their real problems and who created them. I get the formation of group identity (the “persecuted majority”) …

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Dec 19 2008

Top 10 Movies You Haven’t Seen

Today, teh interwebs are all about the movies. So, in the interest of giving Greg some choices to ponder and Mme. Piggy a list to carry her into the winter, here are my favorite movies that you probably haven’t seen. 1. A Song Is Born: a bunch of jazz greats in a very silly movie …

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Dec 19 2008

Movie Meme

I was all set to write a serious blog post, but why do that when someone hands you a meme on a platter? (Thanks, Greg.) This comes via Facebook, which is why it’s text- instead of formatting-based. Rules are simple: Xs next to movies you’ve seen, and if you’ve seen more than 85, you apparently …

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Dec 18 2008


Woo hoo! And they’re still deciding the Coleman challenges (i.e., votes for Franken or no one). AND the absentee ballots will be counted For the first time, I’m starting to hope.

Dec 17 2008

The Way to a Girl’s Heart

…is through her grammar. It beats a little faster when I meet someone who always knows the difference between “insure” and “ensure.” I breathe a little more heavily when apostrophes are all in their places and only their places. My cheeks flush when someone knows to use “whether” instead of “if.” My toes curl at …

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Dec 16 2008

For Dr. Isis

Everyone’s favorite domestic and laboratory goddess asked for her very own music video shout out, requiring only something “she can shake her ass to.” After some thought and a whole bunch of video searching (hey, it takes a while when you stop to listen), I think I found the right song for the woman who …

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Dec 15 2008

Sam & Max Rules

A bit more than a decade ago, my husband and I played a bunch of LucasArts adventure games. Remember, this was pre-Episode One. Pre-Grim Fandango not being released for Macs for that matter. LucasArts was still okay then. In fact, they were pretty cool. Sure, the Indiana Jones game was kinda dull, but Day of …

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Dec 14 2008


For Glendon, because, yeah, Soft Cell rocks. Monoculture (2003) Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (1981) And what Marc was doing in between: My Love (1999)

Dec 13 2008

Atheists Talk–Maggie Argiente

You wouldn’t think an advertisement asking people to be good would be controversial, would you? Apparently it is–if you ask them to do it for nonreligious reasons. The American Humanist Association‘s Maggie Ardiente will join us to talk about the reaction to their holiday advertising campaign and about the Winter Solstice. She will be interviewed …

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