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Oct 14 2008

For the Hockey Moms

Because I know Palin has been such a disappointment to you. Just a little something to cheer you up. Thanks to James for the surreality.

Oct 14 2008

Four Thousand and Twenty-Seven

Not really, but too much:Brain:Give cute instead:

Oct 13 2008

Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival #3

It’s discouraging (yet energizing) to be able to do a weekly blog carnival on the topic of why one U.S. Representative should be voted out of office and still have plenty of material each week. But Michele Bachmann just keeps providing reasons she needs to leave as soon as possible. I also have a personal …

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Oct 12 2008

What Is Race Good For?

Greg Laden posted a nice review of a traveling science museum exhibit on race and racism. His post touched on a couple of points of disagreement between him and the creators of the exhibit, but all the argument that followed was over this: First, the parts we agree with: There is no such thing as …

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Oct 11 2008

Common Wisdom

I’m not sure what’s happening this year. Whatever it is, it isn’t what happened four years ago, or eight, or more. The things that everyone knows about politics and elections are turning out to be false. This year. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin had a debate. Everyone knew that the expectations had been lowered so …

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Oct 10 2008

Happy Things

Before I parse how badly I was lied to about investing and while I figure out how to miss someone I never knew (no, no link), I thought I’d take Mme. Piggy up on her idea for a gloomy day meme. In the interest of lowering my blood pressure, here are a few of the …

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Oct 09 2008

What Is Rebalancing?

I am not a finance expert. I am not an investment expert. I am someone who pays attention when one of these people makes a suggestion that will affect my retirement investments, however, which means I rebalanced my 401(k) last week. Yesterday, I was talking to someone who received the same advice I did. She …

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Oct 08 2008

ScienceOnline’09 Update

Woo hoo! I’m happy to announce that I now have a co-moderator for the Science Fiction in Science Blogs session at ScienceOnline’09 in January. Peggy Kolm of, among other blogs, Biology in Science Fiction and Women in Science, will be joining me. Peggy is exactly the person I would have wanted as a co-moderator, had …

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Oct 07 2008

Why Vaccinate? Fighting Mutants

It’s flu vaccination season again, and we’ve all heard the excuses not to take the stick: It hurts. (briefly) I never get the flu. (yet) I don’t hang around with old people or babies. (you never go out in public?) I’m healthy; I can take it. (better than you can take a needle, huh?) We …

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Oct 07 2008

Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival

This is a new carnival, special to this election season. The purpose? To see Michele Bachmann fired as a Minnesota representative to the U.S. House. The reason? Do you know who Michele Bachmann is? Have you heard her speak? Did you see her kiss Bush? Ew! Ahem. Greg Laden hosted the first edition last week. …

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