Monthly Archive: September 2008

Sep 30 2008

No Sympathy, No Idea

I’m about ready to eviscerate the next idiot I run across in the blogosphere who says, “I don’t have any sympathy for the borrowers. It’s not my fault if they’re idiots. They should have known better than to think they could really afford a house.” Actually, I already took a fair swipe at the last …

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Sep 29 2008

Acting Unafraid

In the current election, we have one candidate who sees other world leaders as essentially rational beings with whom we may find common ground if we negotiate cautiously. We have one candidate who views the rest of the world as potential enemies to be punished until they become allies. Completely aside from the question of …

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Sep 28 2008

Recipe for Dealing with Disaster

IngredientsFor Disaster1 mother in hospital with acute heart problems1 father who is coping with less than his usual annoying cheer1 year already studded with too many family problems For Dealing1 date finally scheduled for surgery1 sibling who can share responsibility1 friend who has a problem father can help solve1 evening out with friends1 Cuban roast …

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Sep 27 2008

Drinker’s Diary

I’ve been drinking a lot lately. Don’t worry; this is definitely not going to turn into one of those blog posts. It’s more a question of scheduling than anything else. Last Sunday, The Happy Gnome had a whiskey tasting event as part of their Octoberfest. While my husband and I were there, we discovered that …

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Sep 26 2008

Monetarism and the Housing Bubble

For Becca, who asked why some of us fogeys were talking about the housing bubble crash as though it had implications beyond a bailout. Monetarism is the basic economic principle the U.S. currently operates under. To simplify greatly, monetarism says that the health of our economy is directly dependent on the amount of money in …

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Sep 24 2008

Yeah, Yeah

It’s that time of year again. Since people have hinted that I’m to watch their blogs, I’ll add links later. In the meantime, enjoy the traditional Renaissance Festival birthday song. The “happy birthday”s are sung in a group, with a loud grunt at the end of each. The changing lyrics are started by whomever sings …

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Sep 23 2008

World (and Otherworldly) Music

Betül left me a link to this Gogol Bordello video in the comments today. If you like the music, there’s more from the band and the label here.

Sep 22 2008

Birthday Presents, The Hard Way

It was a craft fair, I think. I’m not sure why I was there. My mother was there with me because I was thirteen. The earrings–purple and gold and dangly–were there because I had to have them. “No.” I looked at my mother. “I can buy them myself.” I’d certainly earned the money. Babysitting was …

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Sep 21 2008

Thoughts on a Wedding

Some random thoughts and moments from yesterday’s wedding: A kilt is always appropriate at a wedding. It gives people with nothing in common but the couple something to talk about. The thing that annoys me the most about a religious wedding ceremony is the way it shortchanges the role of the couple’s community. I’d never …

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Sep 20 2008

Busy Day

We’re off to see a friend properly married. (From her description of the shower gifts, her parents took care of the improper bits.) This is the third busy day in a string of busy days, so blogging falls by the wayside today. Instead, go read some of the folks I’ve been reading lately in my …

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