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Aug 21 2008

Saving Science Fiction

If you’re a movie-goer rather than a big reader, that title probably looks silly. But for all the success of science fiction in broader media, science fiction publishing–both short fiction and novels–isn’t doing so hot. Why? Well, everyone has their pet answer. SF Signal, in their Mind Meld feature, asks seventeen authors and editors in …

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Aug 20 2008

What Maternal Instinct?

I was over at a friend’s house last night. I held her two-month-old baby for a bit because, you know, it’s polite to express some interest and it had been a while since I’d held a baby. One gets to thinking of them as fragile if one goes too long without touching them. Well, I …

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Aug 18 2008

RNC Good for St. Paul?

The claims, of course, are that a big convention like this is great for the host city, but there are a few people who aren’t thrilled at the moment. Hotels aren’t full yet, and prices are dropping. Wonkette thinks the candidates with something to lose are staying home instead of being seen with the big …

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Aug 17 2008

Blue Cheese Chicken Salad

I went to a potluck picnic today. Whatever I was going to bring had to be substantial, moderately healthful, tasty, without hidden allergens and not likely to be duplicated. My rules, not theirs. It also had to be safe sitting out in temperatures in the high eighties. That ruled out my chicken salad with the …

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Aug 15 2008

Bulwer-Lyttons Are Out!

My favorites: Winner: Children’s Literature Joanne watched her fellow passengers – a wizened man reading about alchemy; an oversized bearded man-child; a haunted, bespectacled young man with a scar; and a gaggle of private school children who chatted ceaselessly about Latin and flying around the hockey pitch and the two-faced teacher who they thought was …

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Aug 14 2008

Ooh, Ouch

I need sleep more than I need to blog today, so here are a few people doing it for me (sort of): Betül is covering a study on stereotypes of scientists that should be seen to be believed. ERV connects PZ Myers and Terry Pratchet in a way that still has me laughing, days later. …

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Aug 13 2008

More Muslim Censorship? Maybe Not

Yesterday, in a press release, Dr. Max Malik accused the Muslim Writers Awards of censoring his novel by not providing it to the judges, despite it being one of five shortlisted books. “I’m angry at the treatment I’ve received,” stated Dr. Malik “because my creative effort is being treated as if it’s somehow unclean and …

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Aug 13 2008

Four Stone Hearth #47–Unasked Questions Edition

Welcome to the 47th Edition of Four Stone Hearth. Those of you who read my blog with any regularity are probably asking, “Stephanie, why are you hosting a blog carnival on archaeology and anthropology? Aren’t you a writer who does math for a living?” Well, yeah. I have a degree in psychology, but the closest …

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Aug 11 2008

Muslim Scholar Says Muslims Can’t Handle Fiction

If you’re moderately literate, you’ve probably heard of The Jewel of Medina, the scandalous book about Aisha, the child bride of Muhammad, which Random House pulled from their publication schedule to avoid the next fatwa. But the more pieces of the story that come out, the more interesting it gets. A little background: The book …

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Aug 09 2008

A Partial Reunion

I’m headed to my high school reunion tonight. If you think I could sound a bit more enthusiastic, you’re right. Not that I don’t want to go. There are a couple of people who will be there who I fell out of touch with for no good reason. I’m very excited to see them again …

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