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Jun 20 2008


I’m restless, twitchy, dissatisfied. My attention span is shot, and blue skies aren’t doing it for me. Any second now, someone is going to come along and be just the wee-est bit presumptuously clueless, and I’m going to lay them out on the ground with scars that will last. I won’t even enjoy it. What’s …

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Jun 19 2008

Okay, Now It’s Summer

There are farmers at the Farmers Market. Well, there have been farmers there for the last month, alongside the bakers and tamale makers and stands selling bananas (ahem): beekeepers and people selling potted plants raised in greenhouses. But for me, the market doesn’t really start until the fresh produce shows up, specifically the new potatoes. …

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Jun 18 2008

Things I Didn’t Say…

…walking around downtown Minneapolis today. No matter how much I wanted to. To the people standing outside smoking in an uncomfortable little row: “Number three, please step forward.” To the person having their picture taken with the Mary Tyler Moore statue: “You do know that absolutely everyone raises their hand just like that for these …

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Jun 18 2008

Al Franken, Comic

I was on another blog this morning where someone was disparaging Al Franken as “this comic.” I’m crossposting my response here, because… I’m getting tired of this “just a comic” trope. Being a successful comic, which Franken is, requires a number of talents useful to a politician. It requires you to be able to communicate …

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Jun 16 2008


I’ve been remiss. My friend Kelly‘s third book came out last month, and I haven’t used my enormous blog power to tell people to go get it. CodeSpell is book three in what is shaping up to be a five-book series if Kelly and his publisher agree (the first two are WebMage and Cybermancy). They …

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Jun 15 2008

I’m Tired of Insomnia

No, really. It’s not funny. I was sleepy when I went to bed. I was comfortable. My brain wasn’t working at anything in particular. It wasn’t revved up, but it wouldn’t rev down. Sleep? Oh no, not me. Forget that I’ve been sleepy most of the weekend. Forget that I hauled myself out of bed …

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Jun 12 2008


Greg Laden reposted this blog post last night. I thought at the time that he was seeing someone haul out Dr. Watson’s tired old brand of racism in reaction to the presidential campaign, but that may not be the case. I went to the Seed Media Group website after reading the post and discovered that …

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Jun 11 2008

Happy Meal

We had one of those dinners last night that could have been a disaster. We were meeting the best man from our wedding (Ben’s old roommate and friend from high school) and his partner at a restaurant we’ve never been to before. I’ve seen Best Man about half a dozen times and neither of us …

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Jun 09 2008

Facebook Status

Facebook status updates are such a fun little glimpse into the lives of my friends–and what friends. Just this morning, I see: Werewolves Puking Hating on George Lucas (I’m so there) Travel, travel, travel and camping Being fingerprinted A new tattoo What more do you need on a Monday?

Jun 06 2008

You May Already Have Lost

I was walking to work the other morning through the skyway. I passed a business with a TV running one of the 24-hour news channels, and there was Ed McMahon. The banner said something about him needing cash to avoid a foreclosure. I couldn’t help myself. I laughed hard enough to draw stares. I’d like …

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