Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 15 2008

Paying Attention

When I’m interested in something, I focus–like miss obvious things going on around me kind of focus. This led me (in college, I think) to discover a nifty little trick. The next time your in a mid-sized audience, say 15 to 100 people, for a speaker, try something. Pay attention. I mean close attention. Ignore …

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May 09 2008


Grand Theft Auto 4 has some problems, and I’m not talking about the ones that get lots of press. I mean it hangs consistently on some game systems. We have one. After trying five copies from a local big-box retailer and finally persuading them to find a way to work around their no-return policy on …

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May 08 2008

What We Take for Granted

Working in the yard is a great way to meet the neighbors. People stop to find out what you’re planting or weeding or just to say how happy they are that you’ve done something prettier than grass everywhere. Usually it’s a quick “Hi. How’s it going? The yard looks great. How about this weather. Have …

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May 03 2008

Want to See a Migraine?

Warning: these visual illusions won’t be comfortable. They may, in fact, have the potential to cause seizures if you’re so prone. The page says simply, “This page may feel you sick.” (It’s Japanese.) It didn’t. In several places, I didn’t even register the anomalous motion that was supposed to occur. Then it hit me. I …

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May 02 2008

Breaking Rules, Part II

I’m bad with rules. Really bad. I get too close to a rule and I itch to reach out and break it. If something can’t be said, I can barely think of anything else to say. If it mustn’t be done, I have to sit on my hands to keep from doing it. The only …

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May 01 2008

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

So I’m on this client team at work, one of several. I have my own tiny little fiefdom, a project I run pretty much independently. I took it over because someone had to, and it turned out my experience was a good fit. Everything runs smoothly. The client, who wasn’t happy with how the project …

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