Monthly Archive: March 2008

Mar 31 2008

Funniest LOLcat Evar

Mar 30 2008

Intelligent Design for Smart Alecs

Somebody putting together the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting schedule had fun with this one. Intelligent Design After 409A Section 409A was added to the Code by the American Jobs Creation(ism) Act of 2004. As regulations have gone through an evolutionary process, employers have struggled to comply. A diverse group of speakers show you how job creation …

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Mar 30 2008

Statistics for Fun

I got into a little slapfight on a blog this week with someone who claimed, among other things, that, “We do know that rates of young men entering college these days is in the toilet”. There were no citations, of course, because that isn’t the point of a slapfight, but it made me curious. So …

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Mar 24 2008

Speaking Out

I walk to work. A mile and a half each way, mostly downtown. I’ve been hit before, although it wasn’t serious, and the close calls have replaced coffee as a stimulant some mornings. Too many people are just too intent on where they want to go to look around and see who may be affected. …

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Mar 19 2008

A Second Look at Childhood Friends

You grow up with them. They’re what you know, so they’re normal, right? Then, after years have passed, you look back and blanch. We acknowledge that Tigger is gregarious and affectionate, but he has a recurrent pattern of risk-taking behaviours. Look, for example, at his impulsive sampling of unknown substances when he first comes to …

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Mar 16 2008

Community for Loners

I joined Facebook last weekend. There are folks I’d like to spend time with who are using it to arrange meetups, and I want to be a part of that. But I’m still ambivalent. I’ve spent most of my life resisting community. I was miserable in Girl Scouts (really, who packs nail polish and cute …

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Mar 08 2008

I Have a New Friend

I don’t know his name, but he’s awfully cute. On our way to work, Ben and I pass a tiny fenced yard. Every month or two, there’s a very large German shepherd hanging out, deafeningly defending his territory. We greet him when we pass, saying, “Hello, puppy.” in the tones reserved for the cutest dogs, …

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