Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 22 2008

Traditional Medicine is Sweet

Of course, that’s because a lot of it contains lead. On purpose. Mmmm, love me some of that folk wisdom.

Jan 18 2008


Ben’s birthday is today. I know he’d love more Star Wars LEGOs, but he won’t be getting them from me. And despite everything Lucas has done, it’s not about Star Wars. I played with LEGOs as a kid whenever I could. They’re the ultimate in undirected play. They don’t require great dexterity, they come in …

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Jan 18 2008

Rodents of Unusual Size

Meet Josephoartigasia monesi, a one-ton prehistoric guinea pig. As P.Z. points out, “[t]here is no suggestion that it lived in a fire swamp — its habitat was probably forested river deltas.”

Jan 02 2008

Cooking Blind

There’s an odd challenge to cooking a meal in the middle of a migraine aura. This cup of cornmeal feels level; is it? Where exactly is the top of the milk in the measure? I can tell the venison isn’t red anymore, but how brown is it? Am I going to get this done before …

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Jan 01 2008

Eating Meat, Lots of Meat

There’s a character I’ve been wanting to write for a while but probably won’t until the next book. He’s a vegetarian. It’s pretty central to his character, and I want to make sure I do it justice. But thinking about it made me realize just how not a vegetarian I am. I started counting the …

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