Monthly Archive: November 2007

Nov 24 2007

Ravioli, er, Thanksgiving Update

Thanksgiving came and went and, oh, goodness. I couldn’t have predicted how well the squash ravioli would taste. True, it ended up more squash lasagna after baking, but, oh. The sauce was a very basic sherry cream sauce. About 1/2 cup finely chopped shallots, sweated in 2 tablespoons butter and more salt than I’d have …

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Nov 17 2007

Oh, the Cheer

I walked into the lobby at work this week to find a barbershop quartet singing “Cabaret.” I winced. Then I made a bet with myself. There would be no Elsie in this version of the song. Remember Elsie, who “rented by the hour”? Well, no, unless you like the musical, you probably don’t. Popular versions …

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Nov 03 2007

Thanksgiving Prep/Savory Squash Ravioli

I know it’s a little early, but I started cooking for Thanksgiving today. We decided, oh, about the time that winter squash came into season that we wanted to serve squash ravioli for one of the vegetable dishes. So today I picked up a couple of small acorn squash and baked them in a tiny …

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Nov 02 2007

Dance of Diplomacy

I had one of those moments today, when the big details of planning the next book start popping up and falling into place. The darn thing’s been simmering for months (since before I finished the last book last December) but hasn’t really felt substantial until now. I felt like I was short a subplot. Yesterday …

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