Monthly Archive: August 2007

Aug 28 2007

A Question of Timing

So, I’m not always great at guiding readers through the passage of time, but even I can tell that two months is plenty of time in which to both consult an attorney and enter a plea “quickly and expeditiously.” I suspect the good senator has his lawyer on speed dial. If you have to lie …

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Aug 27 2007

Writing Meme

Kelly started it, and while I’m feeling too busy to play, I’m also feeling like a bad mother to my blog, so here goes. What do you find _______ about writing? Hardest? Making sure the plot makes it to the surface of the story. Easiest? Dialog and character tics. Most fun? Breaking the rules, with …

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Aug 04 2007

Managing Your Writing Addiction

5. If you win big, enjoy! But remind yourself it will probably never happen again. Oh, go read.