Monthly Archive: May 2007

May 28 2007

WisCon Top 10 Moments

Because it wouldn’t be a blog without lists. 10. Knowing that I traveled hundreds of miles to spend a weekend mostly with people who live less than 20 miles from me. 9. Being welcomed back by the bartender in the Governor’s Club. He’s ours and we’re his, even if we only see him once a …

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May 23 2007

Time to Take a Risk?

Cognitive Daily, my I-haven’t-completely-abandoned-my-college-major daily read, has a link to this NPR interview with a probability expert on the futility of trying to predict the next Harry Potter phenom and other highly unlikely things. My favorite part (of course) of the Cognitive Daily article: He also mentions the propensity to risk more to avoid losses …

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May 08 2007

Why SG-1

Over on Making Light, there’s a thread about Entertainment Weekly‘s list of the top 25 SF movies and TV shows from the last 25 years. Stargate SG-1 is not only not on EW’s list, it isn’t recommended in the 233 comments prior to mine at Making Light. Torchwood (blegh) was listed, but SG-1 wasn’t. That …

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