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Oct 14 2012

The reduced Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr was getting just a bit tedious over at Evangelical realism, so we hit the fast forward button and hit the highlights of something like 9 chapters in one post. If you’re a Justin Martyr fan—or perhaps if you’re really really not a fan—you might enjoy it.

Sep 16 2012

Five years ago today

Over at Evangelical Realism, I’m taking a break from Justin Martyr due to a time crunch at my day job. To fill in the hole, I’ve reposted one of my earlier encounters with presuppositional apologetics, which didn’t turn out at all the way the apologist had hoped. It’s the first two of a series of …

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Sep 09 2012

Bad lip syncing

No, it’s not Bad Lip Reading, it’s this week’s dose of Justin Martyr over at Evangelical Realism.

Sep 02 2012

Justin Martyr and the Ring of Secrets

This week on Evangelical Realism we look at Justin Martyr’s technique for decoding the secret messages hidden in Old Testament prophecy. Enjoy.

Aug 26 2012

Prophecy limbo

Over at Evangelical Realism we’re looking at Justin Martyr’s First Apology, and this week we’re seeing how far he can bend over backwards to try and turn a passage, a phrase, or even a single word to turn into a prophecy that Jesus “fulfilled” somehow. Some of the passages, like Psalm 22, are still used …

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Aug 19 2012

Justin and the “virgin”

Over at Evangelical Realism, we’re working our way through Justin Martyr’s First Apology, and we’ve come to the second of his “incontrovertible” proofs that Jesus is the Son of God. Would it surprise you to find out he’s taking an Old Testament passage out of context?

Aug 12 2012

The art of prophecy

Here’s a challenge for you. Consider these six words “He washes his clothes in wine.” Given that this statement appears in Genesis 49:11, can you turn it into a prediction that Messiah will be born of a virgin? Justin Martyr can, as we see this week at Evangelical Realism.  

Aug 05 2012

The proof that wasn’t.

Over at Evangelical Realism, we’re looking at the First Apology of Justin Martyr, and in this week’s installment, Justin presents us with a Messianic prophecy that somehow manages to be almost, but not quite, entirely unlike anything he says it is. And yet believers today still use that verse as proof that Jesus is the …

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Jul 20 2012

See you August 1st…

Hey folks, I’m going to be without reliable Internet access for the next week or so, and that means a temporary hiatus in the postings. I know, it’s cruel of my family to drag me off into the wilderness for a week of relaxation, swimming in the lake, and enjoying fine home cooking. But what …

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Jul 15 2012

Snakes, hell, and self-made eunuchs

Over at Evangelical Realism we’re covering chapters 27-29 of Justin Martyr’s First Apology, and he does manage to cram a lot into a few short chapters. Stop by if you’re interested.

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