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Mar 14 2012

In bed with the Church?

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows, but this one seems a bit stranger than most. David Coburn, the openly gay spokesman of Great Britain’s U.K. Independence Party, claims that Prime Minister David Cameron is “picking a fight” with the religious community over same-sex marriage, insisting that pushing such legislation “shows a lack of toleration …

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Nov 09 2011

The First and Second Amendments

Slate magazine is sponsoring a debate over the question, “Would the world be better off without religion?” That’s an interesting topic in and of itself, but I had a brief bout of Free Association Syndrome that launched me off on an intriguing tangent. I look at the question “Would the world be better off without …

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Oct 12 2011

Framing and accommodation

FtB co-blogger The Crommunist Manifesto explains why he is not an accommodationist. I am not persuaded that any argument, no matter how friendly or accommodating, can persuade a person away from faith. Faith is not a position that is found by reason; it is one that is found through indoctrination and reliance on heuristics and …

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Sep 17 2011

Oo, wicked

Here’s a headline that gives a bit of pause. Atheist Group to Rip Up Bible Passages on Saturday Mixed feelings, eh? I mean, I’ve got no compunctions about the Bible being a holy book or anything, but on the other hand, book ripping isn’t really all that different from book burning. But read the details. …

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