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Religious right to meddle

The Conservative Hideout is all up in arms about what they call a “war on Christians.”

Notice that there seems to be a war on Christianity under way? Well, the folks at Hobby lobby have noticed, as they went to court to escape the the ObamaCare regulations that require them to provide coverage for the abortion pill. Unfortunately, it seems that at least one federal judge seems t think that Religious Freedom really doesn’t exist.

By “Religious Freedom” (capitalized), the writer of course means Christians having the power to control women’s lives with or without their consent. The idea that women might also be entitled to religious freedom (in the sense of actual, you know, liberty) does not seem to occur.

On the other hand, he does raise what might be a valid point. Should the government be telling private businesses what benefits they must provide to their employees? Let’s look first at the conservative analysis of the issues.

Now, it would be simple to point out that Muslims would scream, and be heard, of they were forced to sell bacon. Vegans would complain, sue, and win, if they were forced to eat veal. However, Christians are systematically targeted and shot down by judges. But,I think there is more to it than simple discrimination-it the concerted effort to punish and drive Christians, and more importantly, that Jesus guy, from all aspects of public life.

So let’s consider the parallels. Muslims would object if they were forced to sell bacon. Ok, is Hobby Lobby being forced to sell the so-called “abortion pill”? No? No. Vegans would complain, sue, and win if they were forced to eat veal. Are Christians at Hobby Lobby being forced to take any form of birth control? No? No.

What’s happening is that the government is telling employers that they can’t single out women’s health benefits for targeted discrimination and suppression. Can you imagine the conservative outcry if a Muslim employer tried to deduct a “pork fee” from a Christian employee’s salary after finding out that the employee had eaten a ham sandwich for lunch? Would conservatives demand that the Christian be financially penalized in order to protect the Muslim’s Religious Freedom to dictate how the paycheck he provides was ultimately going to be spent?

The employee’s private life, including their personal diet and personal health care, isn’t really the employer’s business. That’s what genuine religious freedom means. If you’re going to pay for your employee’s health care, you’re offering a benefit, not buying the right to control your employee’s personal life outside the workplace. Not even if you have religious reasons for wanting to.

The government isn’t trying to “drive that Jesus guy from all aspects of public life.” It’s just trying to keep him from meddling in people’s private lives against their wishes. And incidentally, if Jesus doesn’t like abortions, then he ought to be using his divine powers to prevent the conception. They say every child is a gift from God, so it ought to be entirely His choice whether or not to give it. And if He knowingly gives it under circumstances that are going to end in abortions He condemns, then shame on Him for giving it in the first place.