About Freethoughtblogs


About Freethoughtblogs

Freethoughtblogs is an open platform for freethought writers. We are skeptics and critics of dogma and authoritarianism, and in addition, we recognize that the nonexistence of deities entails a greater commitment to human values, and in particular, an appreciation of human diversity and equality.

We are for feminism, against racism, for diversity, against inequity. Our network of blogs is designed to encourage independent thinking and individual autonomy — freethoughtblogs.com is a vehicle for giving vocal secularists a venue for discussion of their values and interests.


PZ Myers, CEO

Ed Brayton, CFO

For media inquiries, contact FtBMedia, or @MediaFtB on Twitter.

Our writers:
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Alethian Worldview Deacon Duncan
Almost Diamonds Stephanie Zvan @szvan
Ashley F. Miller Ashley Miller @ashleyfmiller patreon
Biodork Brianne Bilyeu @abiodork
Black Skeptics Black Skeptics of LA blackskeptics@gmail.com @blackskepticsgroup
Brute Reason Miri Mogilevsky @sondosia
Comradde PhysioProffe Comradde PhysioProffe
Consider the Tea Cosy Aoife @flyingteacosy
Cristina Rad Cristina Rad
En Tequila Es Verdad Dana Hunter @dhunterauthor paypal
Godlessness in Theory Alex Gabriel mralexgabriel@me.com @alexgabriel
Greta Christina's Blog Greta Christina gcgreta@doubtfulpalace.com @gretachristina
Heinous Dealings Heina Dadabhoy heinous.heina@gmail.com @heinousdealings
Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men Ally Fogg contact page @allyfogg
Lousy Canuck Jason Thibeault @lousycanuck
Mano Singham Mano Singham mano.singham@case.edu @manosingham
Maryam Namazie Maryam Namazie
Nirmukta on FTB Nirmukta contact page @nirmukta
Pharyngula PZ Myers
Crip Dyke
pzmyers@gmail.com @pzmyers paypal
Reasonable Doubts Jeremy Beahan
David Fletcher
Luke Galen
Justin Schieber
doubtcast@gmail.com paypal
Richard Carrier Blogs Richard Carrier richard.carrier@icloud.com @richardccarrier
No Country for Women Taslima Nasreen @taslimanasreen
The Atheist Experience Matt Dillahunty
Martin Wagner
Russell Glasser
Don Baker
Tracie Harris
Jen Peeples
John Iacoletti
contact page @atheistexpshow
The Digital Cuttlefish Cuttlefish @cuttlefishpoet paypal
The Indelible Stamp Tauriq Moosa @tauriqmoosa paypal
The Sex Politics And Religion Blog Jamila Bey @jbey
The Zingularity Stephen “DarkSyde” Andrew
YEMMYnisting Yemisi Ilesanmi contact page @yemmynisting paypal
Zinnia Jones Zinnia Jones
Lux Pickel
zjemptv@gmail.com @zjemptv
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